The overall objectives of the conference are to contribute to the development, implementation and promotion of advanced emergent Information Systems and Technologies and to be used in future Virtual and Networked Organizations, through the discussion and sharing of knowledge as well as experiences and scientific and technical results.


Recommended topics include, but are not limited to:


  • metaverse

  • virtual and augmented reality

  • ubiquitous computing and organizations

  • grid computing

  • cloud computing and architectures

  • human-computer interfaces

  • serious games

  • intelligence and soft computing

  • Big Data

  • data mining

  • data analytics

  • web services

  • cognitive systems

  • social networks

  • and other emergent IT/IS approaches


in various function domains, such as:

  • decision support systems

  • planning

  • design

  • control

  • manufacturing

  • commerce

  • public sector

  • education

  • negotiation

  • marketing

  • management

  • and others,

in the context of virtual and networked enterprises and organizations.